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  • I still see it almost every day….a person driving down the road holding their cell phone away from their head while talking with the phone’s speaker option. The belief seems to be that as long as the phone is not at the ear, somehow they are not violating the law. They are wrong. New York […]

  • To be more precise, just because you can buy it in a store doesn’t mean it is legal.  Of course  you can buy things which we all know are illegal to purchase….illicit drugs and sex for instance.  This blog is about the mistake of thinking because something was bought from a legitimate business, it is legal to […]

  • We have rights in this country, and like superpowers, rights don’t do much good unless you know they exist and understand how to use them. Comic book fans have long been familiar with the ethic Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was given by his Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility”. As American citizens, we reside […]

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