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  • After multiple seasons of CSI, it comes as a surprise to many to learn many accident cases lack objective proof.  Worse is the myth the Accident Report is the product of reliable scientific testing performed by well trained police and forensic evidence technicians. The other mythological aspect of the police Accident Report is the idea […]

  • Everyone knows the phrase, “Miranda Rights”.  Ernesto Miranda confessed to some nasty crimes (rape and kidnapping) in 1963 without having been told by the police he had the right to counsel and to remain silent.  In 1966, the US Supreme Court held when a person in custody is being questioned by law enforcement, the 5th & 6th Amendments to […]

  • Ask me if I handle DUIs and I hear the song lyrics, “You say tomato, I say tomahto…”    So is it DUI or DWI?  Both, sort of.   DWI is short for Driving While Intoxicated which is the term used in New York State.   DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence which is […]

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