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  • When a group of lawyers sit around talking shop, you’re bound to hear some weird language.  A bunch of us were at a town court waiting for the criminal calendar to start. The topic of the moment was personal injury cases. Someone commented they had just settled a case for a sizable amount.  Another attorney […]

  • That’s the title of Hank William’s 1947 hit ( It is also my nickname for NY’s Vehicle & Traffic Law (VTL) § 1144-a. It’s real name is the “Ambrose-Searles Move Over Act.” It governs how you are supposed to operate your vehicle when approaching a parked, stopped or standing emergency or hazard vehicle on a […]

  • (Hint….The same answer applies to the best way to win a fight.) Sun Tzu was a brilliant but ruthless military strategist.  He once demonstrated a tactic by using the Emperor’s courtesans in lieu of soldiers.  The maneuver was held in the throne room. When the ladies, giggled & stepped out of turn, ill at ease […]

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