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  • The vast majority of speeding tickets in the counties where I practice are resolved by plea negotiations via the mail.  It saves money and time. The defendant doesn’t have to spend hours in court or pay a lawyer an hourly rate to attend. The DA can focus on more serious cases.  The courtrooms aren’t overflowing […]

  • These phrases have something in common. There is something wrong with all of them. Many years ago when I lived in Los Angeles, there was a big sign you would see when you drove by LAX. Tall, red neon letters on a windowless building declared “Live Nude Girls” were inside. The first time I saw […]

  • (Or….To Test or Not to Test? That is the Question.) There is no legal requirement for you to take what are known as the Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). The police can’t issue you a ticket for saying , “No thanks!” to these tests, and DMV has no power to sanction you for refusing. The police know […]

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