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  • The supermarket checkout isles are awash in tabloids whose existence depends upon us believing that what is in print must be true. They do a great business. The same is true for many sites on the internet giving advice about what to do when stopped by police. These sites, written by legal-eagle wannabes, have one […]

  • An Attempted Murder case just went the right way for the defense in Saratoga County.  This was a retrial after a conviction and a reversal by the Appellate Division.  One of the main reasons for the first verdict being overturned was that the accused was not allowed to present expert testimony to establish her actions […]

  • Every time I get in my car, I see other drivers on cell phones.  A lot.  I wish I had some way to warn them….some signal that said, “5 points!”.  I thought about holding up five fingers, but anytime fingers or hand gestures get involved there is ample room for misunderstanding.  So I became inspired […]

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