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  • This is Labor Day weekend and most of us get a day off. Most of us have a 5 day, 40 hour work week (not lawyers!). There are federal and state agencies to enforce laws about safe working conditions. Gone is child labor, the 7 or 6 day work week, & sweat shops (except for […]

  • The vast majority of speeding tickets in the counties where I practice are resolved by plea negotiations via the mail.  It saves money and time. The defendant doesn’t have to spend hours in court or pay a lawyer an hourly rate to attend. The DA can focus on more serious cases.  The courtrooms aren’t overflowing […]

  • These phrases have something in common. There is something wrong with all of them. Many years ago when I lived in Los Angeles, there was a big sign you would see when you drove by LAX. Tall, red neon letters on a windowless building declared “Live Nude Girls” were inside. The first time I saw […]

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