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  • (Hint….The same answer applies to the best way to win a fight.) Sun Tzu was a brilliant but ruthless military strategist.  He once demonstrated a tactic by using the Emperor’s courtesans in lieu of soldiers.  The maneuver was held in the throne room. When the ladies, giggled & stepped out of turn, ill at ease […]

  • The door-to-door salesperson is an extinct species, but in days of yore could be seen prowling the streets in nearly the same number as the bison who once roamed the prairie.  Our parents and grandparents knew if one got a foot in the door, it could be trouble. Valid grounds for making a stop is […]

  • “She said don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself” -Georgia Satellites from “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” It was a fun song about tension between a man and a woman and their respective agendas. The man wanted….well, what guys often want. But the woman insisted they had to be married before […]

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