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  • One of the most fascinating areas of criminal law is the lawful use of force in self-defense.  The bad news is it is  also one of the most misunderstood, thanks in no small part to the entertainment industry and the news media.  The good news is the person I consider to be the foremost expert […]

  • You’ve seen the billboards. There is also a website… The State of New York has the best of intentions. But if you believe the message, you could get into a lot of trouble. Yes, a criminal defense attorney is telling you to not believe this slogan. No, I’m not trying to get you into trouble […]

  • I recently watched some of the TV series, “Kung-Fu” (1972-75) with my young son. It was my favorite when I was a teenager. The show’s hero, Kawi Chang Caine, never used force other than defensively. And if the issue could be solved without force, he took that route. A good role model. In one episode, […]

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