One of the most fascinating areas of criminal law is the lawful use of force in self-defense.  The bad news is it is  also one of the most misunderstood, thanks in no small part to the entertainment industry and the news media.  The good news is the person I consider to be the foremost expert on the legal and tactical dynamics of the use of force in self-defense, Massad Ayoob, is holding a 4 day class in Saratoga Springs June 4th thru the 7th.

I have been thru this course several times.  It is divided into 2 days (10 hours each) of classroom time (lectures, videos), and 2 days (also 10 hours each) of hands on firearms training on a pistol range.  While you need a valid NYS pistol permit to take the range portion of the course, you do not need one to take the class room portion.  And that portion truly sets this course apart from training offered by anyone else.  This course, and Massad’s writings, have provided me with a more in-depth education on this topic than law school did.
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For Course Info: or (518) 886-8557

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