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  • In the world of Vehicle & Traffic Law (VTL), the small stuff often leads to bigger trouble.  There are many common small violations of the law which can lead to fines, searches of your car, or more serious charges.  In many cases, the driver doesn’t even realize what is being done is illegal. CASE 1: […]

  • This is Labor Day weekend and most of us get a day off. Most of us have a 5 day, 40 hour work week (not lawyers!). There are federal and state agencies to enforce laws about safe working conditions. Gone is child labor, the 7 or 6 day work week, & sweat shops (except for […]

  • The vast majority of speeding tickets in the counties where I practice are resolved by plea negotiations via the mail.  It saves money and time. The defendant doesn’t have to spend hours in court or pay a lawyer an hourly rate to attend. The DA can focus on more serious cases.  The courtrooms aren’t overflowing […]

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