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  • ZERO TOLERANCE—That is a term we have heard a lot in recent years. Zero Tolerance for violence, guns in schools, sexual harassment, Fox News, etc. There is also zero tolerance for driving with any alcohol content in your blood (BAC–blood alcohol content) if you are under 21. As an adult, you can drink and drive. […]

  • I have written before about when an officer can search one’s car: 1) With probable cause to believe a crime has been committed and the evidence is in the car; 2) With a warrant signed by a judge based upon an affidavit showing the car is likely to contain evidence), and 3) With one’s consent. […]

  • We all know what DWI means. And we know it is illegal and can get you into lots of trouble. But DWY can also lead to trouble even though it is not against the law. DWY is Driving While Young. Police pay special attention to young drivers. After all, the leading cause of death for […]

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